As many of you already know, giving back to the communities we build in is a huge part of what we do. One of the initiatives we’re most proud of is the Wellspring Chinguacousy cancer support centre in Brampton – we donated land that’s just a short drive away from our Upper Mount Pleasant project, so that Wellspring could expand and build one of their centres there.

Wellspring is an amazing organization for Canadians and their family members living with cancer to go for support that they wouldn’t normally receive from a hospital. Located in residential communities, these centres are in warm, inviting homes that offer free programs and services to help cancer patients cope with the emotional impact of the disease. They have several locations in southern Ontario, and we were happy to help in the making of the Brampton location.

At the centre, cancer patients receive support for stress management, education and information about their disease, health restoration, transitioning back to work, and much, much more. In addition to this, programs such as art or music therapy, cooking classes, nutrition, meditation, and cancer exercises are also offered. Thanks to the more than 40 services that Wellspring offers, they have truly helped thousands of people improve their quality of life.

Watch the video below to get your own look at the beautiful Wellspring Chinguacousy space, and see why we chose this as our community initiative in Brampton:

Image via wellspring.ca