We’ve mentioned before how much working with hospitals in the communities we build in is important to us, and North York General Hospital is one of those hospitals. Not only are we all North York natives, but the hospitals transition from a suburban hospital to a regional health centre able to cater to over 400,000 people a year has been truly staggering to watch. North York General has become one of the most in-demand and prestigious health centres in Canada. At Paradise Developments, we wanted to support a priority at the hospital that would benefit patients and the system and as a whole.

The crown jewel of this initiative is the Baruch/Weisz Outpatient Care Clinic. The clinic is a groundbreaking addition to North York Generals already impressive offering, as an innovative model of multi-service, interprofessional ambulatory care. This Outpatient Care Clinic is a place for patients to receive timely acute care for 8 clinical services. The clinic bridges state-of-the-art technology and a comfortable, calm atmosphere that allows patients a greater sense of tranquility and privacy.  It facilitates decreases Emergency Department visits and admission in addition to early discharges from the hospital.

Tens of thousands of people have passed through the clinic since it opened back in June 2014, and it is our understanding that there is a profound effect on the quality of care for the patient. By alleviating demand for emergency care doctors and acute care beds, service in the entire hospital has been made more efficient, lowering wait times, and increasing the types of care North York General can provide.

Our proud team in front of the Baruch/Weisz Outpatient Care Clinic.

Our proud team in front of the Baruch/Weisz Outpatient Care Clinic.

As builders, when we invest in land the first thing we assess is return on investment. To us, our investment in the hospital is bringing the rewards immediately. From each of the thousands of individuals its helped, to the ripple effect its beginning to create in our healthcare system as a model for others, this is yet another community were proud to put our name on.

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