Watching shows like the Jetsons is a funny experience in 2017. When the show was made in the 1960s technology wasn’t particularly advanced – colour TV was a big deal. The home technology presented in the show seemed like it was lightyears away, but actually, it’s happening in the present! Smart technology in every aspect of our lives has come to be a common occurrence. The newest in consumer electronics and technology was put on display at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, and the tech being presented was nothing short of awe inspiring. Here’s a look at some of the newest and sleekest available in home technology. 


Amazon Alexa


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Alexa is the new AI assistant from Amazon making waves in the tech world and people’s lives. Alexa has voice recognition capabilities, is able to respond to questions, supplies helpful information, and can connect with and control a variety of smart devices in your life.


LG Smart Instaview Refrigerator


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This Alexa enabled refrigerator is a game changer. You can order groceries or play music just by talking with your fridge. It’s also equipped with internal cameras so you can keep an eye on your fridge’s contents so you can double check if you are in fact out of milk or OJ.


Samsung Lifestyle TV


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This new smart TV is designed to look like a design frame. When shut off, the TV looks as though it’s artwork, so it can blend seamlessly into the existing design of your room.


LIFX Color 1000


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This smart lightbulb that can be controlled by your tech-enabled home is the brightest on the market!




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Pet owners can rejoice! This 2-way interactive device is equipped with a camera, and allows you to see your pet and automatically dispense treats no matter where you are!


Kuri Robot


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This home robot memorizes your floor plan, knows the members of your family, and knows whose room is whose. Kuri will wake you up in the morning or even has the capability to tell your children bedtime stories!


ZERA Food Recycler


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This incredible recycler turns your food waste into fertilizer that you can actually use within 24 hours! From the kitchen to your garden in just one day – not a bad turnaround!


Simplehuman Sensor Trash Can


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Innovation in the world of garbage continues with Simplehuman’s Sensor Trash Can! This garbage bin responds to your voice, and opens when you say ‘open can’ or ‘open sesame’, elevating your garbage disposal to a hands-free experience!