It’s common in real estate to deal in terms of square feet. It seems like an easily comparable number, or an apples-to-apples comparison. Price per square foot becomes the metric of value. This industry standard doesn’t account for true value, though. After all, this number is all-inclusive – garages, attics, closets, nooks and crannies, hallways – of space that, while you pay for it, isn’t an important, usable, necessary part of your home.

At Paradise, we strive to make every square foot of our homes liveable, by using architectural techniques to increase space and ease the flow of traffic in your home. Our builds are clean and modern, but they’re thoughtful. Many call this contemporary design, but we disagree.

Contemporary designs are often without function – design that’s eye-catching, striking or modern often isn’t made with real living in mind. Contemporary design isn’t built for rushed mornings before school, weeknight homework help, afternoons with a good book, or cooking a beautiful meal for the people you invited to share it with. But combining the aspirational touches in contemporary design with space you can live and breathe in? That’s what we call progressive.

We think flash is best when accompanied with function. That’s why we take our cues from California cool, designing our floorplans around where your furniture will go for maximum usable space. Combining that extra room with standard 9’ ceilings on the ground floor and elevated ceilings on the second lets us increase the number of windows in main living areas for more natural light and warmth. 

We also include larger-than-average cooking spaces, to easily accommodate more than one cook in the kitchen. Our family rooms are designed to accommodate furniture and decor first, so we’ll always leave space for you to relax or play – giving you more square feet to actually use.

We compliment our building structures with premium features and finishes, and design seminars to make sure you make the most of your blank canvas. From big additions like appliances, to tile and hardware choices, we have suggestions for every room and the skills to help you take your taste out of the box if you have other ideas.

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