With temperatures that have breached 40 degrees and sun-filled days ahead, we think we can officially say summer has arrived. You prep your calendar for summer social events, and your wardrobe for the season, so why not your home too? While it’s often a season to get out of town, it’s also always nice to enjoy your home this time of year. Whether you’re luxuriating outside in the sun, or relaxing and lounging indoors, there are some things to check off your to do list to get your house good and ready for summer. Here’s what to think about. 

Salt be gone!


After a very snowy winter, it’s no surprise if your front walkway could use a little extra TLC. Since this is the first thing people see when they visit your home, it’s worth taking a little time to get your front walk ready for all those summer guests attending your next BBQ. Sweep away any debris, and use a power washer to get rid of any salt stains leftover from winter. Have damaged pavers or bricks? It’s easy to replace even just a few, and then your place will be perfect!


Prep the windows


Once things start to really heat up this season, you’ll be thankful for that A/C! If you plan on blasting that cool air all summer long, be sure to caulk any gaps in your window frames. This way you won’t lose any of that refreshing air conditioning, while also keeping the humid hot air from creeping in. It’s also a good idea to give your windows a quick clean, so you have a clear view of those lovely sunny days.


Tidy up your garden


If you’re a gardener, you spend your winter dreaming of the beautiful blooms and greenery that you’ll plant and nurture all season long. Get your flower beds ready for a summer of beautiful blooms. First off, clear out any weeds that may be in the way. Next, you’ll want to get down and dirty and use a spade to clean up the garden edges. Finally, till the top layer of soil so it’s ready for planting, and maybe even add some fresh mulch to really help things along.


Organize the garden shed


Image via @mystylelatte on Instagram 

Even during winter months, there’s outdoor upkeep you have to stay on top of. In the summer there’s a little more than shovelling to get done. Mowing the lawn and maintaining your gardens can take up a lot of precious weekend hours. To save a little time, keep your shed and all your outdoor maintenance tools organized, so these outdoor tasks are less of a chore.


Set up an oasis


Image via @pammycakes1977 on Instagram

Once you’ve finished checking all these to-do’s off your list it’s time to relax! The final thing to add to your summer checklist is to set up a backyard oasis. Set up a stylish and tranquil spot in your yard where you can relax and enjoy your newly prepped home all summer long.