It’s official! The snow’s on the ground and there’s a chill in the air, which means it’s time to get out the holiday decor! It’s projected that this winter will be warmer and with less snow than the polar vortexes of years past, so there’s never been a better year to get festive outside. We’ve rounded up a few outdoor decor ideas we know will look amazing, whether you’re in a detached, semi or townhome. It’s time to celebrate!

1. Start With A Festive Urn

Urns are great because they’re versatile and help anchor the rest of your outdoor decor. You can find lightweight options at most home improvement or decor stores that you can easily switch out when the holidays are over – or, shake up the arrangement and keep the urn outside all year round.

Christmas-urn-620x425image via The Enchanted Home

We love an arrangement anchored with pine branches. They add a little bit of rustic charm, and they’ll make your entryway smell amazing. Send the kids out to scavenge for them and you’ll be able to fill your urn quickly and inexpensively. After you’ve created a blank canvas, add whatever accents you like! We love artificial berries, holiday ornaments, ribbon, glittery accents, pinecones, false snow spray…the options are endlessly customizable. Need more inspiration? Check out Grey Dogwood‘s easy DIY video.

2. Switch Up Your Wreath 

A classic pine wreath is always a good bet, don’t get us wrong, but there are tons of styles and finishes that will bring a whole new dimension to your front door. Wicker or twigs, cranberries, poinsettias, holiday tree ornaments, or ribbon are just a few materials you can both buy or DIY. Looking for somewhere to start? We love this ornament wreath DIY from Martha Stewart, and the customizing options are endless!

vintage-ornaments-wreath-how-to-d110740-0634_horizImage via Martha Stewart 

3. Mason Jar Twinkle Lights 

You can find fairy lights at almost any decor, hardware or craft store right now, so stock up and check out these fun DIY ideas! You can hang these lights from a bannister, or place them on your steps so your guests have a lighted path to your door. Make sure you’re using outdoor-rated cord for this project – you’ll see the distinction on the cord tag. Not into DIY? You can scoop up tons of these on Etsy too!

il_fullxfull.313148643Photo from All Things Heart And Home

4. Embellish Your Mailbox

101380241.jpg.rendition.largestImage via Better Homes & Gardens

This idea is so fun and a snap to pull off. If you have a few urns already set up, it’s a cinch to extend this look down your driveway.  Whether you tie this look into your outdoor decor or use your mailbox as a preview for what’s inside your home, this is a fun idea your whole street will be able to see. Check out more tips at Better Homes and Gardens.

5. Try Unusual Holiday Lights

101681402.jpg.rendition.largestPhoto via Better Homes and Gardens

Traditional lights are great! They’re nostalgic and classic, and you really won’t go wrong with them. But if you want to shake it up, try hanging orbs from your trees, blanketing shrubs in a sheet of lights, or using spotlights in fun colours to light up your home’s exterior. You’ll be the most unique house on the block!

  • Do you like to shake up your outdoor decor, or do you stick to tradition?
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Header image from Woo Home Designs.