If you’ve been paying attention to the news stemming from the 2016 Census, then you’ll know that Brampton is experiencing huge growth. The population has officially surpassed the half million mark, coming in at a whopping 593,638! That makes Brampton the ninth largest municipality in Canada and the fourth largest in Ontario. The city has seen a 14.8% spike in its population, making it the second fastest growing city of Canada’s top 10 largest. We love Brampton for so many reasons! For its rich history, diverse culture, and unique shops but most of all, we love the people! Whether it’s someone you pass on the street on any given day or the person behind the counter at your favourite coffee shop, it’s the people who make up the city’s fabric that make living in Brampton so great.  We reached out to some of our favourite small businesses in the city and asked them why they <3 Brampton. Check out their brief odes to one of our favourite cities around!



Vanessa from Arrow & Vine


Image via @shoparrowandvine on Instagram

Arrow & Vine loves Brampton because it has created the opportunity to open a small retail business based in the heart of Brampton. We have been able to partner with Beaux-Arts Brampton in the spirit of building artistic cultural cohesion within our community. We do this by renting creative studio space at the Beaux-Arts center where by we seek, recruit and foster emerging artists and in turn Beaux-Arts Brampton provides a platform for these artists to incubate.

Arrow & Vine was born out of a deep love for Brampton (BTOWN) and care and familiarity with the arts. We have seen the city go through lots of change in the last 10 years and identified a need within our community to have tangible effort directed towards the arts community. The objective is to produce products which give local citizens a chance to display their civic pride. It has also given us the chance to partner with local business such as Macaronz, Stems and Restyle Consignment. These businesses have been so supportive and helpful in mentoring a small business in its infancy. With the support of the public-sector Brampton has huge potential to become a creative economy.

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Zanda from Macaronz


Image via @macaronz on Instagram

I <3 Brampton. I live in the Historic Downtown Brampton and my Macaron Boutique is a 15 minute walk. It’s a beautiful city with a lot of green space and trails. It has all the charms of a small town and all the amenities of a big city. Holding lots of activities in the beautiful Downtown core with one of the prettiest and largest Farmers Market in Ontario.


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Kristina from Dolcezza Custom Cakes


Image via @dolcezzacakes on Instagram

Brampton is an amazing place to live, work and thrive! I chose Brampton to raise my children because of the resources available to families like recreation programs, well-connected parks, playgrounds and greenspaces, great schools, healthcare and a multi-cultural environment of close-knit neighbourhoods. I chose Brampton to start my business for the support offered to new and existing businesses from the Brampton Enterprise Centre and organizations like the Downtown Brampton BIA. Businesses in Brampton are part of a community and business is booming! I choose Brampton to thrive. With access to so many recreational options, healthcare specialists, shopping, theatre, arts, and events, Brampton is truly the place to be. I <3 Brampton!


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Shemeka & Kareem from Green Geek Co


Image via @greengeekco on Instagram

We really fell in love with Brampton once we discovered the farmers market.

Brampton is becoming more than just a hidden gem in the GTA. The City of Brampton always had the potential to be a destination city, and is finally beginning to step into its own spotlight. Our city just needed some genius entrepreneurs with inspiring ideas to blow people’s minds. This leads to my first point as to why we love Brampton. The city in which we spent a large chunk of our adult lives is so open to new ventures and accepting to start-ups and everything else in between.

The people of Brampton have been so careful in nurturing and protecting this city’s story and the meaning of community. It is truly phenomenal to see 900 plus people in the Downtown Core come together to share a movie and some laughter. Kids dragging their parents to the summer markets to get a taste of fresh fruits and vegetables and city staff with the residents around a table talking on how to make this Brampton strong, beautiful and stable. As a resident of The City of Brampton and someone who lives in the Downtown Core I encourage all of you to continue to embrace your city and love on what’s to come. WE LOVE BRAMPTON!


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Jason from J.Red & Co.


Image via @jredandco on Instagram

Brampton is the city I was born and raised in, although I have had the privilege of living, working and travelling to many countries around the world we decided to settle in Brampton. My wife and I invested in two business in Brampton because we feel this city; with its fast growing population and exceptional diversity was a market and community we could grow well in and raise our children and businesses.

For more information about J.Red & Co. visit their website www.jredandco.com or add them on social media. Instagram @jredandco and Facebook J Red and Co


If it wasn’t already clear, we also <3 Brampton! As our contributors have all stated, Brampton is a special place to be – it has the charm of a small city, but all the hustle and innovation of a big city. The city is full of culture, amazing facilities, and even more amazing people! This is why we’re so excited for our next release at Upper Mount Pleasant and to add to this already vibrant community! Check out all the details for our March 4th Upper Mount Pleasant Release