Kleinburg is one of the most beautiful small towns in Ontario, and there are more reasons than ever to call it home. The vintage architecture, walkable downtown and plenty of well-kept floral arrangements all make it a great place to entertain visitors, take an evening stroll and take in great food and a vibrant antiques scene.

However, right now is also a huge time in Kleinburg’s history! Their population is expanding and interest in what was once a bit of a sleepy community is growing quickly. It’s natural, then, that our list of Kleinburg’s must-see, must-do, must-visit spots are a mix of old and new:

McMichael Gallery


This is Kleinburg’s crown jewel, and as the village changes, this amazing gallery will continue to be a mainstay. While they have an impressive lineup of special exhibits and shows not limited to visual art, the cornerstone of this gallery is their collection of Tom Thompson and Group of 7 pieces. Started by two private collectors with a passion for Canadian art, the couple’s personal collection became so expansive that they requested a grant from the Ontario government to give it a proper home to be enjoyed by the public at large. Fascinatingly, 6 of the Group of 7 are buried on the gallery’s grounds. In addition to Group of 7 pieces, a comprehensive collection of Aboriginal artists and artwork are also available.

Binder Twine Festival



An odd reason for a festival, maybe, but a good one! The festival started when area farmers would descend on the village proper to buy binder twine for farmwork, and a local hardware store owner started throwing an annual party to commemorate. Though that tradition fell by the wayside after his death, Kleinburg’s centennial committee brought it back to life, and the redux is now in its 49th year. This family-friendly event features old-time games, activities, shopping from local businesses and makers, tons of delicious food and more. Plus, all the proceeds go back into the village to improve schools, parks, signs, roads etc. Check it out the weekend after Labour Day!


Copper Creek Golf Club



One of the top public golf courses in Canada, any golf enthusiast would jump at a trip to Copper Creek. Friendly staff and a luxe atmosphere can be found in the club house, which has a huge patio and stunning views overlooking the course. Their Sunday brunch is also highly recommended. The course itself is well-kept and challenging – a perfect afternoon destination if you’re in the mood to treat yourself.


Humber River Trails



If you love to spend your weekends outside, especially in a kayak or canoe, these trails are some of the largest around. They connect Toronto with Lake Simcoe, but they definitely take the scenic route to get there. Bonus: monarch butterflies use this route for migration, so if you hit it at the right time you’re sure to see some seriously magical sights.
Kortright Centre for Conservation


This centre is home to a breathtaking 1.6 kilometers of trails to explore with your family, on over 300 untouched acres of woodland. Along the way, you’ll see demonstrations and explanations of renewable energy, making the trip educational for kids and adults alike. Since opening in 1979, over 2 million visitors have walked its trails, so if you find yourself with a free weekend, you should definitely put this spot on your list.

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