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Design Trends June 16, 2017

Summer Home To-Do’s

With temperatures that have breached 40 degrees and sun-filled days ahead, we think we can officially say summer has arrived. You prep your calendar for summer social events, and your wardrobe for the season, so why not your home too? While it’s often a season to get out of town, it’s also always nice to enjoy your home this time of year. Whether you’re luxuriating outside in the sun, or relaxing and lounging indoors, there are some things to check off your to do list to get your house good and ready for summer. Here’s what to think about. 

Design Trends June 2, 2017

12 Dreamy Bedside Table Moments

When we scroll through Instagram looking for design inspiration, certain types of pictures really start to stand out. There are the #IHaveThisThingWithFloors shots, the #IHaveThisThingWithPink pics, and of course the #DreamKitchen moments that we all aspire to. If these trends teach us anything, it’s that there are so many design moments in both our homes and our lives just waiting to happen! You just have to look for them, and make the most of those moments. One of our favourite types of design pics to find on Instagram are the spectacular #sidetables. Here are 12 bedside table moments we wouldn’t mind waking up next to. 

Design Trends May 5, 2017

Stairways that Inspire

Every corner of your home is a design opportunity just waiting to happen. From an untouched room, to a blank wall, to a window sill, these spots can always have a little extra TLC put into them. One section of your home that shouldn’t be neglected is your stairway. Often it’s the centrepiece of your home, or one of the first things people see when they enter, so it’s important to make sure your stairs reflect your design perspective. From the railing you choose, to the steps themselves, to the decor around it,  your stairway is a great place to have fun with the decor and express your own personal style. Here are some super chic stairways we found (and love!) for inspiration. 

Design Trends April 7, 2017

Breakfast Nooks We Want To Sip Coffee In

The weekend hasn’t arrived yet, but let us set the scene for you. It’s Saturday morning, and you’ve blissfully been permitted a sleep-in after an extra busy week. The coffee’s brewing, the toast is just waiting for its avocado companion, and your weekend reading (the newspaper’s culture section or the latest US Weekly) is ready for you to read at a nice and slow pace. All that’s missing? The perfect nook to relax in for an idyllic Saturday morning. Here are some breakfast nooks to inspire you while you sip. 

Design Trends January 20, 2017

What’s New in Home Tech

Watching shows like the Jetsons is a funny experience in 2017. When the show was made in the 1960s technology wasn’t particularly advanced – colour TV was a big deal. The home technology presented in the show seemed like it was lightyears away, but actually, it’s happening in the present! Smart technology in every aspect of our lives has come to be a common occurrence. The newest in consumer electronics and technology was put on display at this year’s CES in Las Vegas, and the tech being presented was nothing short of awe inspiring. Here’s a look at some of the newest and sleekest available in home technology. 

Design Trends December 20, 2016

Holiday Place Setting Inspiration

When choosing decor for your holiday party you can go one of two ways. You can choose traditional accents, or try something totally new – it just depends what aesthetic and vibe you’re going for this year. Both are great in their own way. Traditional holiday decor is obviously classic, you can’t really go wrong. However, modern or quirky decor is a lot of fun and will mix things up. You’ll have to choose traditional vs. new for all aspects of your holiday decor from the tree to the wrapping to the table settings. To give you a head start we’ve put together a collection of lots of different holiday place settings to inspire you.